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Sep 1, 2006
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So. Florida
I have been piddling with this for a while, and now here is some inspiration to get it done. This will be the NotSoSingleSpeed.

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83 CU510986 A.jpg
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Is that a schwinn? I got a sprocket and crank set up out of one of them, if u get the smallest one off, they look pretty sweet on a 20 incher. i got 1.
yes, it's a Schwinn...

Continental of the 83 persuasion. There's one pretty much like it on the bay ending today. I got a kick out of the blurred photos and so forth, but more than anything the fact they have it listed as 50 years old.

Got the frame out to the powdercoat guy today, and have the new color picked out. It is NOT what I went down there with in my mind, but it is gonna be SOOOOOO cool I think! 8)

This guy is into this and enjoys doing this type stuff, so I will be going back with more. I had a 52 Schwinn straight bar frame done about 6 weeks back and it came out beautiful. I won't see this frame until the end of next week.... ARRRRRRGGGH. :roll:

Oh well.....

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I picked the frame up Thursday, and the color is WILD. :mrgreen:
I put most of the bike back together yesterday, with the exception of the pieces that aren't here yet, and the wheels are the same ones I had on it prior to tearing it apart.
I am planning on changing the wheels, but haven't figured the exact situation out yet. Trying to consider a possible color instead of chrome. The tires are sitting here, but no wheels to mount them on..
Still thinking about different bars too, have a couple of options on hand, but saw something yesterday that I think would be a killer. Have to give that some more thought too.
Don't want to post any pics until I have enough to visualize the end result. I'm not quite to that point yet.

More later....
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Yes I am!

Markm said:

Here's something a little more concrete!
Teaser photo.JPG

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Clothespin "n" said:
Antique Gold Wheels!!!!!!!

looking good,

Only if antique gold is RED! 8)

The rims went to the powdercoater today! Hope to have them back in a few days, then I can get this thing on the road.

I thought about gold, but there is no tie-in for it. Had a hard time with the choice to begin with. Leaned at first to the same purple as the frame, but without the base that was used... just the candy color. Had I stuck with the original idea, this was already planned out, but noooooooo....

That would be TOO easy!

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I stuck with the original idea, this was already planned out, but noooooooo....

That would be TOO easy!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

been there..done that!
we are our own worst enemies some times..
Keep us's looking good,
Duh, me.....

Well.... I have made decision number.. Oh heck, I don't know. :roll:

After getting the rims back, I have changed my mind yet again, and am thinkin' I like it with what is on it now. I will take some photos this weekend (weather permitting to get it out of the house) and post them at that point.

I am not disappointed at how it came out, but kind of like the way it looks with some black parts (seat, rims, grips, tires) with the color choice change I made. I may put the tan seat and grips on to look at and it may change my mind, but I am likin' the present configuration. The worst I could do is use the red rims and tires I had sitting for it on another frame.

More to come..

Rat Royale
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OK, It's Showtime!

I have a few more tiny things to do, but this is the "close to the end" result!

I am pretty happy with it overall, and am wantin' to get some time on it.

Rats and Ratesses, Here is the "Not-So-Single-Speed" :mrgreen:

The color I am calling Hammered Grape, it is candy purple over Black/silver hamertone. This was not the original intention, but I sam a sample bar at the coaters shop when I went to drop the frame off, and it was nearly love at first sight.
The bike seemed comfortable when it was "test-fit" together, so I kinda went with that to completion. The 700 X FAT Kendas seem to be nice and cushy. Springs abounding (or was that rebounding?) on the seat, and the grips are two compounds and just like Charmin'... are Squeezably soft.
I will build another one with the original idea in the not to distant future, but I found that this one seems to be the right idea in a color that I had never thought of.
Your comments are certainly welcome...
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Flyin' the colors!

The Heart of "Not-So"

Not-So Right side
83 CU510986 C.JPG

The other side (Before changing the bars out)
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that is Beautiful.

I really like the Design...Fit and Finish.
Those Tires are Mean Looking...
The Purple is very cool..
The saddle had a Nice Old School Flavour to The Build.

Very Nice...
I would Ride that with Pride,

Finishing touches (I think..)

Got the Acorns harvested yesterday.. Stuck 'em in the appropriate places. Axles look a little better this way! I think I am finished at this point. I am now waiting for the frame that I bought Friday to get here, and I'll be starting over to complete the original idea I had started with. The headbadge on this one may go to the other.. If so, this will get a red late model badge.

I forgot to say thanks to y'all for the nice compliments! Answers: Seat is Brooks B-73 (still being sold in lots of places), and the headbadge is an older lightweight headbadge that popped up on Fleabay a while back. I got it for a song (or somewhere close to what a CD costs...) :lol:

Brooks B73

Fifties Lightweight Badge
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Yeah whats that badge from, Obviously a schwinn but what model?

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