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Keep plugging away.
Diggin’ it! Afraid I haven’t left myself enough time to figure out my seat post and seat situation. Time will tell.
Last journal entry before I post to contest wall. Will probably roll with original basket and a laid back seat post over the top. Not sure on seat. Will add a few more details I’m sure. Pretty sure I’ll “Ocean City Maryland” theme this one at some point, since that’s where she will be spending most of her time.
That is so clean looking, and balanced. I could see a planked flat bed, adding a natural wood tone trimmed in black angle iron. Remember, you have until Sept 9....:nod:

Or maybe just a chunk of diamond plate bolted on the back for a platform....sprayed black to match of course....
Nothing like coming down to the wire. I’m taking her to the beach in the morning for pics. That is, once I’ve finished putting her together.
Have a question- can I change the name of the bike in the final posts? She has taken a different direction this summer and I want to call her OC Baby. I leave in Ocean City Maryland and that combined with her color seems to fit better. Any issues with that?
Just change it now, so that it carries over into the Finished Thread, and then on to the Voting Thread.
sweet- I figured it out! Done. 3some is now officially OC Baby. Now off to OC to get some picks. Just hope the sun comes out today.

Well- here she is. Down to the wire. Wish I had more time. I see many more changes in this bikes future but today, this is how she rolls. Going to get some quality photos today and post some final shots later tonight.
Good luck all and thanks for some quality feedback during this build. Fun summer project. My 12 year old had already “got dibs” on this one.
Dig the blacked out parts with this color! And the big apes, tractor seat, double fat latte tires in the rear and Thickslick up front.... :thumbsup: !
Can’t reply on the finish build anymore- wanted to tell you I live inSalisbury as well. Small world! Been here 20 years.

Too cool.

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