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May 5, 2021
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Entering a bit late but this years build is going to be a adult size Muscle bike being named Old Glory.


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I have had this bike for some time now and it will receive a complete make over. In the past it was my ultimate parade bike, now it be transformed it to the muscle bike of my childhood dreams. Size for a big boy lots of chrome with some Patriotic bling.
@Bob Stuke , nice conversion of an old 26er to Monster Cross / gravel ! I can't quite see the head
badge, which frame is that? Very cohesive build; chrome frame with all the black, perfect saddle, old school actual 'tape' on the bars. :inlove:

Welcome to the TT Winter Build Off! RaT oN~!
Its a early eighties Mongoose ATB. I have owned going on 40 years and just given it a complete make over. The black trim does to chrome what velvet does to diamonds. I think its one of the most stunning bikes I have ever built.
Very cool!

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