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Apr 25, 2007
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Clearwater FL
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yes purists, laugh...but this old steel frame now has over 4000 miles on it. Bought brand new in 1971 and has never complained in all its years of service. Its heavy, I don't race it. I just ride and ride and ride.....has a much more appropriate seat installed since this picture was taken.

WoW! To have a bike for so long you deserve a thumbs up! It doesn't matter (to me anyway) that its steel or heavy. If you enjoy it keep it. I like the bars. What kind of seat do you have on it now? I have an old Ted williams free spirit 5 or 6 speed that I have been thinking of updating with modern parts. Just a heavy frame but I think I can lighten it up with wheels, seat post and stem and bars. Maybe more if I can look hard enough. Here it is.

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