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Which of them should I do?

  • Raleigh

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Folding

    Votes: 2 40.0%

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Apr 25, 2017
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Hard choice for WB. In one corner raleigh twenty on the other corner folding bike (puzzles at the moment).

I have a plan to clean and clear coat raleigh leaving original paintjob as is.

For folding bike - I have duomatix hub - (two gear with kickback switch and coaster brake) it will make clean simple line with no cables etc.

Which of them should I do? What do you think?
Welcome aboard the WBO freederix!

That Raleigh 20 has some unique parts and features, probably would be a very solid bike when you finish and a cool rider.

The other one offers more 'customizing' possibilities.

I guess it depends on which one might be most Rat-isfying to you in the end!

I like the look of the 20, and your folding option is intriguing.​
Twenty has 3 gears and dynohub front. I also have wheels with 3 gears and drum brake.
I wonder what the folder frame looks like with the fork in upside down and the frame inverted (I can't leave anything stock)


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anybody can put a bike together the right way...
and I vote for both, we have 3 months left...

What's happening here? Which one did you pick?

I love the Raleigh 20, I have a couple, a non folding fixed gear and a folding single speed. I would upgrade the wheels and brakes, and strip off everything that isn't a bad ..., sporty bike.
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