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Jun 6, 2022
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Quite enjoyed this friendly competition. I brought this bike home from Minnesota with a few others. The bike was definitely used over the years and I thought it was some old farm boys bike. It’s a 47 Higgins frame. Early 60’s Huffy chainguard, a hole was drilled thru the frame to mount the tail of it. The front peaked fender was chopped, I’m not sure what bike it was from. The bars were beat up so I sanded and steel wooled the flaky chrome and painted them black and flipped them. The rear fender, like the front had several layers of paint, I used goof off and a lot of elbow grease to expose the layers of paint and rub out portions of the original paint and pinstripes. I tried my hand at covering the original seat and it came out okay. It’s a scrappy bike so it fits well. The headlight was purchased via eBay under tractor parts and I was stoked when I saw the deal I bid on. It fit perfectly with my vision. I just spray canned the frame after stripping all the old lead paint and giving it a primer coat. I really liked the rims and they were very true so I rubbed them out with linseed oil, and the fenders after I cleaned them up. Got some cool grips and brick pattern tires. Bike rides great but the kickstand rubs against the front sprocket, but it sounds like I’m going much faster. Ride more bikes 😁


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I love the headlamp on this, and excellent buy and also choice of position on the bike.

If you could get a sunny shot of your bike against your white shed, with nothing to clash with it, that would be a good choice.
Glad you could join in the fun this season, @RIGS !
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We need a defined single photo at the top of this thread to be used as the Voting photo that will be created by the admins for the Voting Thread. Thanks!
Once again welcome to RRB and the fun of the Build offs. Hope you had fun building your very own trophy. Now get out there and ride! See you next year too.

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