(ORBO) DEAD METAL finished

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Sep 14, 2013
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Bradley Illinoiz

PFarm 002.jpg

Thanks for looking, Carl.
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The little details...

Royal cantilever (looks to be Schwinn built, electro-forged)
Paint: Flat Black / DupliColor stainless / metallic Sharpie
Fork: Sunlight econo chrome
Stem: Wald 4C with a Wald 4080 headset
Bars: Wald 898 gullwings with 2 1/2" cutoff ea. end w/ Origin8 skully grips
Front Brake: no way...:eek: it's a suicide bomber brother!
Post: Chop Shop Customs by slowriderz
Saddle: import, black pleather with chrome studs
Clamp: 63' Schwinn Varsity, chrome w/ AS bolt
Rims: import, no name aluminum alloy, black
Crankset: Sunlight alloy double guard spinning in a Black Ops conversion kit
Rear Hub: Bendix Red two band kickback coaster w/ bent fork brake hanger...
Chain: KMC z-410 BMX, red
Tires: CST Cyclops 26 x 2.4
Pedals: Wellgo BMX XC-II, black
Head Badge: BeadBrains skull shaker, with metallic Sharpie marker work and roses...

The build thread Dead Metal

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I knew better than to throw that rusty frame away. Glad you made good use of it Carl. Cool build and the pitted Royal lives again. Gary
Yes! Thank you so much for this frame. The Rollfast will hopefully show up in the next BIG buildoff...But I do like the way this bike rides. The 2 speed hub is the finishing piece to a good ride.

Really diggin the style you laid into this one!
The headbadge is wicked!