(ORBO) Mesa Büggie finished

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Mar 26, 2012
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Maplewood, MN
The bike is ready to ride off (road) into the desert sunset.....Mesa Büggie was originally a Chicago made, 1950 Schwinn D-12 model branded and sold by Our Own Hardware (the logo on the head badge). Fat fork and wheel/tire combo, 70's moto-x bars with gum grips, slowriderz lay back post, 80's San Marco suede saddle, reissue bear trap pedals, 2.4 CST Cheyene tire on a 1.75 coaster wheel bringing up the rear....





And here is a video of a ride at South Mountain on the Desert Classic Trail. The bike rolls over rocks, ravines, reptiles with ease! Rat On!

Here is the build thread for the bike. Enjoy!
Snapshot 1 (2-9-2016 10-02 AM).png
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Looks good OJ, well done.
Thanks Falstaff! If you are ever out here in the desert during the winter, bring the Ski Buggy (sans ski) and we shall ride. This bike will stay here for cruising and rambling about the dirt, rocks, and sand of the Sonoran Desert....
I like it, I've seen it in person! Solid led seat post too. Nice job!
Thanks Scotty! The fat fork you sold me was the inspiration and the cornerstone for this build. And thanks for the help on the other parts and accessories as well. Rat on!
Wow, you're leaving as spring gets going. And coming back to the hot hundreds.

Those early morning desert rides in the summer are pretty exhilarating I usually plan Mine to end by 9 or 10am. , Your desert rides will still be fun

Building... riding...
We have arrived back in the north country. They had a warm spell here last week, almost all the snow is gone. Time to get going on the interior of the BACK40. If @LukeTheJoker has to go on hiatus on his BACK40 build, I may have to supersede with some updates on mine....here's how she stands atm....
Latest addition to the BACK40 shed. Recycled a cedar fence that we took down to open up the view to the pond and the new shed into a deck. Added 8 new treated 8' 2 x 4s to brace the floor. Scrap lumber and old 4 x 4's on cement blocks for support, reducing our junk lumber pile by about 75%.

The fence is in the foreground next to the gazebo in the first picture. Then re-purposed as the deck behind the BACK40....



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