(ORBO) Plan 9 from outer space Done

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Sep 17, 2013
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The middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
The Plan 9 bike is done. I posted this as finished January 3 but just moved it over today. I haven't been watching this site much this winter. I'll be the first to admit it's not much of a build, more of a reassembly of an old Giant I had. I changed the wheels from quick release to solid axles and changed the gearing. Other than a new seat, pedals, crank, homemade studded tires, gearing, wheels and gooseneck it is original. It rides real nice but we got snow last night and might get 10 inches more today. Now there is way too much snow to ride on the trails without a fat bike. I missed the riding on the lightly snow covered trails with skinny tires by a few days. I did go out for two and a half hours today and that kind of exercise is all I am really after for the next 5 days. Then it is off for a rotator cuff repair and the bike will be dormant for a few months. I hate to ride these bikes in the salt and sand. It doesn't matter whether you ride it once or 100 times in the salt as either way everything steel or chrome plated will be pretty much ruined. This bike is a sacrifice to the elements.

Sunday morning "Church Ride" . Going by the church at the end of my block. Lots of ice under the snow on this hill.

Riding on the street.

Riding along Lake Superior>

us56456712, Jan 3, 201
Great off roader.
Can't get over that small front sprocket.