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Timeframe is locked down to January 1st to April 1st 2016.

Official start time can be found here: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/orbo-start-countdown-clock

Official finish time can be found here: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/orbo-finish-time-countdown-clock

Rules as per usual except the type of bike is limited to:

-BMX suitable for an adult to ride, can be set up for park/race/dirt/tricks whatever...
-Klunker/Bomber/Hybrid/MTB... (anywhere from period correct early single speed coaster brake Bomber/Klunker to current carbon frame, hydraulic disc, full suspension Mountain bike)

This is not a build-off for your everyday cruiser, perfect restoration, or your ride to the shops bikes... This is for bikes that are meant to be ridden hard and fast, jumped, skidded and abused!

Standard rules:

1. Start a new post and use the bike name as the post "Subject/Title."

2. Keep a running journal in your thread about your build showing the steps you are taking. Please don't just build away and expect to jump in at the last second with a finished bike, you can enter at any time before the deadline, but the build must not be finished when you enter.

3. Bike must be built within the dates specified. It must not be started before the start date.

4. Must include progress and finished photos (all in one thread please)

5. Bike must be ridable.

We are pretty free apart from that, you can enter multiple builds if you feel you can complete them in the three months.

You may notice the 'all welding must be done by the builder' rule is left out this year, feel free to take advantage of it!

Frame built from scratch are welcome too!

Start your threads in the normal 'Builds" section with (ORBO) at the start of the title, when the MBBO is finished voting it will move to the archives and the ORBO will move to a new thread group.

One last comment that I always add because it is important:

Please keep comments light-hearted and positive, this is a fun build-off, if you start causing trouble you might just get removed...

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