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Apr 23, 2018
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Hi we're Outsiders Ontario were located in Canada right now we have 3 growing chapters always looking for new members
The original message reads like a Ride-by Shouting about some kinda secret bike club or maybe it was about riding outside..???
All fired in one long breath like he was being chased or on fire!
Maybe they got Him?!! (or Her?!) And that's why there's just been Crickets ever since.
I hope he's not the secretary of communications and media relations! Uh oh, hot dog!

If it's a bicycle club that likes to ride outside, then the name makes absolutely perfect sense.
I personally boldly do 100% of my bicycle riding outside.

One imagined scenario is that you must first join the club (that's not a club,wink, wink) to get the secret password for chapter information and the next figh.... er, ride rather?
Another rather logical argument is that this club simply cannot exist because as soon as anyone joins 'The Outsiders' and gains access to the the vital member only information and itinerary they technically become an Insider. How can that be?
So it seems in this scenario, the original poster is apparently one of the 'Insiders' and the rest of us are currently The Outsiders.
I'll be inside as an indoor Outsider outsider awaiting insights and invites of an insider Outsiders' to other outsider outsiders to become an insider Outsider too.
I'd like info on club rides too!
However Matti we do have a group of guys here that do ride together there younger mostly occ choppers actually a fun bunch. They said we're more than welcome to ride with them. Or there being nice to the old dude that knows how to build wheels.
Where those chapters are? is you club have a website with more information?
I'm living a bike ride from Ottawa and I'm not aware of any cruiser club around here
If your a bike ride away from Ottawa were only a short car ride from you.