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Apr 28, 2009
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Mount Maungnaui New Zealand
Pacific Paradise My First Build
Found this old guy up the back of Tarunaga city, Sticker calls it a Wanderer, which i think made it here all the way from Germany.Nice size frame, love the cool brake set up. looking to do a pacific them with a few mods.........

Came apart pretty well, pedals had wood instead of rubber... Frame in good nick. Bummed there are no badges on it?

Just stripped and cleaned up the brakes, Painted ready for install, next the seat....

As there is no badge and I have not been able to find an image of one I have made my own today.


All cleaned up and ready, needs a few minor fills on gaurds and top frame

Might strip back crank to steel and clear coat it?? Was thinking paint.....


Check out our last Hula Cruiser Club ride, sweet rides sweet day at our local beach
G'day,looking good so far, I guess you guys in NZ have about the frame choices as we do in Oz.
Have you posted an intro yet?.....I think the folks that look after this forum like you to do that first up.
8) i like the euro utility look. a friend had a german bike like that called a 'londoner'. i guess in the post-war era a 'berliner' might not have been a real hot seller..........
Skipton said:
Oh man that is a cool bike. 3 pc crank and cool brakes nice work :mrgreen:
Are you going to paint or leave the sweet pitna?

Haha, I've seen you post this word twice, it's called patina, not pitna :mrgreen:
Skipton said:
Oh man that is a cool bike. 3 pc crank and cool brakes nice work :mrgreen:
Are you going to paint or leave the sweet pitna?
I think paint as I am going with a pacific theme. Thought nice twist on old style bike, like a germay left it on a island and the loacls fixed it up
Hi from auckland! I'm not a great fan of silver spray paint en lieu of chrome.. but hi! The rod brakes are definitely cool mechanisms. I was given a brand new shiney set of rod brakes from india. you can get all the euro/ english pre war bike technology brand new there. gonna use it on a similar 30s lady's bike rebuild that my flatmate has.
JOScatRATrod said:
that brake lever is pretty unusual among rod brakes. I didn't know they had one to work with drop handlebars. awesome.
I know crome rocks but idea for build is to do on cheap, India for parts is a great idea... I have a set of old school bars I will fit later in build, good to see some more kiwis on the site
Wow got wheels today, I am putting on fats so the poor frame took a bit of a beating.. Need to get a welder onto the bottom bracket. :oops: I think I have pushed the frame to the limits, now if only the crank would turn?????? Oh no full rebuild, need to find some ball bearings.... :shock:
Got the front rack welded up and fitted, looks good on the front, will inlay some nice wood slats, before i make the crate.


My big purchase .......... Dam but its looks so cool, got to love the brooks

cool lookin bike so far!
its great to see some more kiwis on here at last...
hey do u have a bike club or anything? id like to come up for a cruise with you all some day...

Got to take for first popper ride today and just around the corner from home i picked up a @#$% nail in my back wheel. Not just a tack but a nice big 4"................... Got home and pulled out my Surf city and rolled about 1km from home and pop!!!!!!! Whats the chances two in one day.......