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Apr 3, 2009
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Moline, IL
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i just got done painting this red: click here for a large version:

i tried using this huge Sharpie paint marker to paint the ridges black but couldnt keep a perfect straight line:

for my next attempt to do the black i think i want to tape off the ridges and then use the marker or spray it. is there a tape with a really low tack that is flexible enough to get around the corners of the ridges? im also open for any other ideas on how to paint them black.

In the past when I have done two-tone paint jobs I have used fineline masking tape from the local auto paint store. It is available in different widths and the narrower the tape the tighter the curves,it will also give you very crisp lines. As far as the paint pen or spraying,I would spray it should give you a more even and uniform finish.
Hope this helps. :)
skyrider said:
In the past when I have done two-tone paint jobs I have used fineline masking tape from the local auto paint store.

what particular stores carry fine line masking tape? i doubt home depot would carry something like this.
You want the ridges black and the rest of the rack red, right? Here's how I'd do it. I'd spray black on the ridges. Don't worry about the rest of the rack, just make sure you paint the ridges well with black. Let it dry about a week if it's enamel. Get some fine line tape that is the exact width of the ridges. You can make your own with some masking tape, a large piece of glass or a mirror, a ruler and an exacto knife. Tape off the ridges. Paint the rack with red. Carefully remove tape. Even though the red is on top of the black instead of the other way around, you'll never notice it. Gary
I just painted a rack identical to that. Like Gary said, paint the ridge color first. Then tape that off. You'll have to lay the tape at the bottom of the ridge and really press it down with your thumbnail. The ends you can cut semi-circular with a razor blade. Afterward, paint the overall color. Then remove the tape. It'll be nice. Make sure you press then ends down really good; you can get overspray under them very easy. Of course you can touch them up with a small brush. I used 1/4" 3M fineline plastic tape, about $9 a roll.