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Oct 5, 2009
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hey all...a couple quick questions about aerosol spray paints...

does anyone know how the Dupli-Color® Instant Chrome Spray Enamel shoots? Does it give justice to looking like actual chrome? I know you can't truly replicate the chrome look, but the money to get parts blasted and re-chromed just isnt there....any help or recs would be great!

Also for the forks, wheel rims, and frame of my '63 Schwinn Corvette i was thinking about shooting it with the Dupli Color Metal Specks Retro Red...does anyone have any experience with this? and if so, how does it look? Pictures posted? The pics on the dupli site are ok, but id love to see it on a bicycle....

and lastly, do they make the original Schwinn paints in a spray can or no? if so, where could this be found

I was wondering about chrome paint, too. I have some little truss rods that are flaking, and they look OK, but will probably get worse. I'm curious to know whether painting them with "chrome" paint will look better than flaking REAL chrome.
chrome paint or flashy silver paint as it should be called will never ever come close to chrome. however, if you spray some clear coat over the chrome paint it's a dead ringer for natural aluminum. i would suggest test painting something with it and draw your own conclusion.

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