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out some covers on the rear bb and put a chile pepper on it. paint it on or a sticker or whatever. then its a yep i like it.

Outlaw :mrgreen:
sensor said:
ya might not hear these words out of my mouth too often.....but......please paint those wheels :wink:
jk! looks good :mrgreen:

I was thinking about painting the WHOLE bike "pink"!........(not a chance) :lol:

Not bad!.. :roll:
Haven't done to much, lately. Just added a rear fender, and some extensions (MTB) on the bars. Had a few kids on it, but nobody wants their pic on the "internet"!........Gonna break it down and start the finish work, still have about 6 weeks to prep and paint (SHOULD finish in time). It's going to be metalic black (including fender), with metalic grey rims (black spokes), metalic grey bars (extensions will be metalic black), Metalic gray sprocket and arms and ALL white tires. At least that's what I'm planning!



Just noticed, the paint on seat is crooked, oh well.
Haven't secured the sissy bar, yet. That's going to be the final step in assembly. I've slanted it back, just didn't take a pic. I've got a sissy bar reflector (from Ratina), not sure how it would look if SB was angled back............(5 min. later).....just took a pic, Maybe your right! :D ...........locojoe: That wheel color is growing on me too! (smacks myself in back of head) Ok! it's gone, they're getting painted.


Fender is just sitting in place, not attached yet. Don't know if I like it or not.
It does look good slanted.

I don't know if I can explain this, or if its even possible since I don't have a reflector in front of me, could you take a thick washer from a brake and cut it down and angle it so the reflector still sits straight? I don't know if theres enough thread on them though, just a thought.
WOW! It's been a whole month, since I did anything on this thing. I was getting worried that I wouldn't finish in time. Took the time to "smooth" all the welds, there was more body work then I thought. Just finished wet sanding tonight. But finally it's ready for a final coat of primer and then paint. Actually I sorta like the primer as the main color, I've never done a "flat" paint job on a bike before. So I'm thinking of using grey, black and red primers, with a coat of satin clear over everything. I had another scheme in mind, all shiney, but I REALLY liked the grey primer. The handle bars blended so well, that I can't tell where the extensions are. I've also got white pedals, grips and tires. Anyway I'm still not sure what the final product will look like, I'll only know on the day it's painted.


Bars will actually be painted BLACK, the red primer was "thick" and filled in the 40 grit sanding scratches

Bondo, primer and glazing putty, finally "smooth".
Re: PhantomBantam (5/03)

Frame DONE!.....Decicded to go with a red primer, covered with a satin clear. Paint is still "wet", it won't look that shiney. I'd show you the satin black bars, but I made a nice run in them, so gotta do them over when I do the wheels (ugh)! Ordered some NEW fenders from BikeWorldUsa, Deb and her staff were extremely helpful. They measured the fenders for me and had them in the mail within hours! Should start "final" assembly Monday.



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