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Aug 29, 2008
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Well I think I finally have my bike idea in the works had this bike for about 8 years now and time to rebuild the old lady. So toying with adding a piece of copper tube for the top tube on the bike gonna leave bare copper and leave all the solder joints I put on it exposed. Frame thinking gonna be done up in flat black do a bit of custom pinstriping on it. Ok the tool box I have had a very long time and wanna mount it to the bike rack when I get the right one. Thoughts on the beer can would love to make a headlight out of it maybe convert a full size flashlight for it. Would make a matching tail light from a smaller can. Oh forgot to mention big one found on side of the road just had to take it lol. Now kickstand would love to do something on the rear centerstand? right term for it? but toying also with a bit of copper tubing. Fenders already thought of using a brass door kick plate nothing fancy just cut and round the front and rear of the strips and using brass rod to make the struts for it. Any input is very much welcome.
Planning to do up the rear wheel with a Sturmey 8 speed coaster
Chainguard gonna do up in copper the handlebar I am gonna use is a mustache bar. Also gonna use this for the saddle http://www.bicycledesigner.com/bike-par ... -seat.html