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59 Royce Union German Made



Spun around Door County, WI this last evening by the bay. I love tugboats.
The John Purves is actually under maintenance and decommissioned as a full use unit. I had a tour in it last year, oddly spacious!

It was a lovely evening. Ended at Kitty O'Reilly for Fish and Chips of course!
Outstanding service as always.

Very cool. We used to have a house outside Egg Harbor
It's a stellar area. I'm down in the Bay, myself with no desire to stay 😄
I do enjoy De Pere as a riding location. The trail running through Voyager Park is just delightful and very friendly.
We're roughly 30 minutes from DC and visit often, especially at the state and county parks.
It's been a LONG time since I had the ability to load a couple up and go away from home again for a bit. Wasn't a long ride, but it cured what ailed me 😉


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