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Fresh meats for the chopper. Trying to find low budget non-knobby 16" tires is, um, challenging.

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Been a little too cold and wet lately for paint, or working on the bike much at all except some shortening of the sissy bar. Plus with getting ready for Christmas too I just haven't had the time. It looks like painting may not happen, but I plan on using some of my vacation time after Christmas to at least get the tires changed and finish up with everything but the painting. Rat Rods (or "mouse" rods) don't need to be painted and like I said before, the ratty red, white, and blue look is growing on me.
Not a good picture. Copper parts getting paint slobbered on them today. Also working on tires.

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Finally, the new tires are mounted! Scrounged up some blue, ivory and red spray paint to paint the sissy bar and lower parts of the fork truss. Still need to fit a chain and the rear fender, but getting closer to done. Thinking I will use some Sharpie markers make the red blotches on the frame look like flames. We'll see how that turns out another day.

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There's nothing 'sissy' about that bar! Wowza!

It matches up well with your custom fork bracing. I like the sharpie / flame creation idea too. Maybe use a 'dry erase board' marker first, so you can wipe it off if you don't like it?

RaT oN~!
Temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's lately and there was a break in the rain this weekend, so I decided to go ahead and tear the bike down and paint it Saturday. Decided to not go with black, but but inspired by the original red faded to dirty white I did a kindergarten looking red, white (ivory actually) and blue fade paint job. Blue paint is the same as on the front fork.
Sunday I reassembled everything and got the chain installed. I purposely did not take more pictures than these two. I will wait until the bike is done for more pictures.

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The bike isn't totally finished like I wanted, but real life intrudes and I need to call this done. The last thing I will do on this bike will be the post on the finished forum. Beautiful sunny day so I took advantage and grabbed a few pictures.
Here's an obligatory one under my No Trespassing sign. LOL
Just the place where some 6 year old little snot would leave his bike!

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