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Jun 15, 2021
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Fountain Valley / Huntington Beach CA
basically a budget build. what if mom or big sister dug riding . the little girls Schwinn Little chick. but felt silly riding a small 20". boom have her husband buy parts. to convert here 3 speed to a 26" stingray!
so I need to hunt down a banana seat and sissy strut that looks wright for this bike. leave the skinny tires like a fast back 3 speed sting ray would have. it all ready has a fast back style chainring. need to make up mind short Schwinn bars off three wheeler or the tall bars off a Sears girls spider banana seat sting ray.
well pulled the trigger bought a New Cionlli Pacific Cycle Blue Sparkle w/White Stripes 14" X 6" Banana Seat. liked the thrashed faded blue seat. but it was $68.86 shipped and the longer flatter less padded seats they reproduced. not I deal for a rider or for a what if style girls style type Manta Ray / adult size chick. so bought this little shorter wider more fat padded seat for US $54.81 so much for budget build. pricey but the blue with white pinstripes will look cool. it just needs mother nature to fad it to match bike :rofl: so will mount and ride as is.
s-l1600 (10).jpg
s-l1600 (11).jpg
well I decided while I wait for parts. ride it see how bars feel. what might need lube or replacing . like shifter cable. so I road it 5 miles to work. got off at 9:00 PM ride over to the local mall. to Watch Halloween ends. Skippy or Skip or what ever working the ticket booth tells me. I cant bring in my back pack. only females can bring bags in. you have to leave that in your car. :headbang: dude I have on a orange reflective vest. over a florescent hoody. a helmet with sticker in front reads Protec bicycle helmet. I have on open finger florescent yellow gloves. so what makes you think I got here by car??? well sorry guys can't bring in bags. only females can. you could stash it in the bushes some wear or ride home and leave it their.:headbang: ya no so I pedaled home. but bike shifts all 3 speeds and rolls good.
I LOVE your target user.

i actually could write a business plan around what you’re doing, but would go “one, ugly step further“ and use a 24” bike as the basis.
no dice on the fat seat. it's way to wide in rear for my Schwinn style strut. if I cut/make a custom pair of struts for it. they still would site wonky at a angle. do to how stubby/ short the seat is for my frames mounts or drop outs. plus the shade of blue just don't look wright. good thing I bought the other blue seat as plan B.