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Jun 6, 2012
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North Carolina ,small town called Rockwell
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I found a bike at a yard sale and bought it just because it was only $20.00. I have not got any pictures hopefully someone can tell me what I have hear. The name of the bike is a MIYATA it is a racing bike the front badge says Hand Made in Japan It is light as a feather think the tire size is 28 inch.It is in really good shape what would a bike like this be worth. Thank's
Miyata has a pretty good reputation as a quality road bike. Road bikes depend a lot on your local market. I live right near a major college town so they sell like hot cakes at a decent price. They're listed between 85-150 on my local craigs right now. No telling if they sell at that, though. If it's got nice components, then maybe at the higher end.
it's not rare, but it is a quality made bike. (Not as good as a european racer, but far more competitive than a Huffy, Murray, etc). Clean it up and try to sell it for over $100 bucks. if you can't get the price you want for it, keep it and build a fixie, steampunk or commuter.