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Feb 9, 2008
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Ok I'm bored and I saw this frame I had. I tried to sell it before ,during my big stock bike sale. It wasn't real popular. I thought I wonder if I stuck some rims and junk stuff on it , and people could see what it would look like as a rat bike together , maybe somebody would be interested. Now I have an extensive metal pile of throwaway stuff , so I put my wheels that are for my scratch builds ones with some other junk parts out of the pile....and its definitely a rat. I didn't bother with the chain or the thing that holds the brake arm on , but for a 28 minute build ,it doesn't look half bad. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't think the forks are bent. Lot's of them look a little swept back like that.

Cool build for stuff just laying around.

Nicely manicured golf course you live on.
Oppps sorry I was napping. I looked at the picture and they looked bent to me too. I think it was the angle of the picture. I have already taken it apart , but looking at the frame with the fork still on there its straight as an arrow.
I'm for sure not going to keep it together. I am going to sell the frame . Already have a box for it. :lol: It was just acting silly with nothing to do.
I'm not sure what the frame was ,because the headbadge theives already got to it. It has that round knob where the top tube connects to the seat post. Looks real Higgy to me.
Hey Lonewolf , everybody saw how bad my yard looked last year. I lost the whole thing to chinch bugs. It only looks good this year due to my yard guy and a $1000 worth of new grass. He got it back to like it use to look. Thanks for noticing. :lol: Its my pride and joy

With chinch bugs


Without chinch bugs and a $1000 worth of new grass


Oh yea its good have good grass Piece Man :mrgreen:. My grass is pretty much gone we havnt had rain for over a month know,and darn burn ban in effect i cant have a big oh fire for Halloween :cry:
Maddog we had that same thing last year. I thought I could wait and we would get the rain again. I save a few dollars on my water bill , but after the chinch bugs that love hot dry weather took over the end result was a terrible yard. It was so bad I got sick when I went out there. I got it back right though. With the cool weather its really nice to sit back with my coffee in the mornings and enjoy.
Thanks Steve ,it was a struggle.
Around here you pretty much have to water your lawn with a well. City water just costs too much!

My Dad taught me years ago how to install a cased well, I used to help him put in a bunch of them, then he gave me the equipment.... So I just do it myself and save a few bucks!

Your lawn... isnt that the one pictured on the Scotts bag? :D

looks nice.
Had a friend that did a few shallow wells. He got the wild idea if he blew out a bigger hole at the bottom of a 20 foot one he hand drilled , that it would put out more water. He rented a big Sulair compressor and blew a lot of sand out. We found him hollering in a 15 foot wide hole about 15 feet down when the top dirt dropped down. It made me laugh.
Glad you like my yard. Its been a bunch of work.