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KJV, are you going to get a picture of it next to the panel truck? I think that would be cool. I like your HHR.

Was talking about that at church Christmas party.. this eve.

Probly will Whenever we go to Pop's farm .
Provided : panel
Is still out.
But, for sute at a show in 2024.
Ollies is rocking it with flash monogram.
Can ya tell by pic. : what 3 i bought ?
Thanks guys. I enjoyed following.
Me too :thumbsup:

I still have a metal cookie jar that I can use for a model kit challenge one day.
Stamped metal, with every detail stamped and in depth. And it can rust too! Only the wheels and bumpers (plastic) are a bit of a letdown in comparison....
Perfect for a kit challenge one day!
Its about 22 centimetres long.

Check it out:





With the jada toys rat bug
$12.99 models! Great price.

I've started tinkering on some old model projects again, so thanks for the motivation all. Maybe I'll finish one or two this winter.
Dad had a ‘56 Chevy Belair in ‘56 and he was thinking about getting the Nomad. Instead, my little sister came along, and he passed on the nomad. Instead he got the ‘59 Plymouth fury wagon which had a hemi and overdrive.

About that time the Air Force shipped us from California to the Canadian border, where dad traded in the Plymouth (which was easy to get stuck in the snow) and got a ‘63 International Scout with four-wheel-drive and a winch.

I remember him taking us out and getting stuck on purpose just so he could get it un-stuck again. I still have it with all the gear.

I don’t know if anybody ever made a plastic model of the early Scout model 80. I have seen a plastic model of the 800A model.

This is an 80A with the 800 body.

Normally these only have one badge up front, but this has the ‘67 body with its chromed zinc hood badge, and it also has the gold anodized ‘63 grille badge.

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