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thanks for posting the Zingers vid. I vaguely remember those from when I was a kid. I looked on eBay and saw some NOS 2010 reissues for sale for about $35. Tempting.
a couple years ago I purchased two Gabriel metal kits from a fella my age (59) on CL. He said the kits were his dad's. I'm guessing they are from the 60s. I finally got around to building the first one, which had been started. The box even had some of the fella's tools and brushes in it. Kind of bittersweet. I text a picture to the guy last night and he was very happy to see one completed. This was my first metal kit. It had challenges that plastic kits don't have. I patina'd the chassis. I made the oil pan, steering box and dif look like they are leaking (doesn't show very well in the photo). It is really heavy.


I have done a few plastic cars and several balsa and paper airplanes, but never a metal kit. That’s pretty detailed, and the color is lovely. The only thing missing is maybe some pinstripes.

I was going to bash together Dilbert and the starship Enterprise. Sort of a starship tricycle chopper arrangement. Apehangers. Chrome forks. Mags.

Never got past checking out the parts.



Cutting Dilbert loose will take some care.

I will need a car or bike kit for the wheels, unless I make them from scratch. Also the feet. Dilbert’s feet disappear into the desk.
pinstripes is a grand idea. The box art did not show any, but I may give that a try.
ok, so at work there is a mystery person who leaves Hotwheels on my desk. I usually have one or two of my own, and I guess they figured I'm into them and they'd like to contribute to my addiction, ahem, hobby. Anyway, they recently put this Max Steel salt lake racer/roadster on my desk:


I like it a lot, but the plastic wheels with whitewalls were killing me, so I did the right thing and wheel-swapped it with Moon Discs (Real Riders):


isn't that so much better? Hard to believe they have not issued one like this.
Forgive me if you already know this trick: put the slicks on a belt sander and sand the bottoms flat. Then cut wrinkles into the side walls with an exacto. Looks so real.
I like the Kinsmart pull-back cars sold at drug stores. They are approx 1/38 scale and detailed nicely for the price. Easily modified too.

I used wood coffee stirrers from work to make a wood bed for this 55 Chevy step side and detailed the interior.


Aston Martin DB5. So beautiful.


For $5 these are a bargain.
I've been using one of these lately for doing the chrome/stainless trim on models and diecasts. Really looks like chrome.

I bought it originally to touch up the chrome on my rustbucket Marinoni chain stay.