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Sep 18, 2019
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Twente, the Netherlands

The first unlimited class buildoff 19 bicycle?
Well, not a bicycle yet :13:

The starting point:

Parts scrambled together.

What do we have here then:
  • 26 inch bicycle frame.
I found the frame near the place where I work. It was an Amstel beer promo bicycle. I bought it for 50 bucks. The bike was near new, only the grease had dried up from standing still. I repacked the cranks and hubs, put some tires on the bike and covered the brands stickers. Then tried to sell it for a moderate profit... but it did not work out. Then I sold the 26inch wheels and fenders and was left with the frame. Not bad, a new frame for 10 bucks, since I sold the parts for around 40 bucks. (We use euro's, but I like the term bucks more :thumbsup:)
  • Rusty front fork.
There was a lowrider bike for sale on the same internet marketplace. The guy replaced the fork for a brand new chrome version. This rusty fork was laying on the ground somewhere in his garden and I could see it on his advertisement. I messaged him saying I would like to buy the rusty fork. He seemed a bit baffled about me wanting to use that, but I gave him a fair offer and bought it.
  • 24 inch wheels.
I found the rear wheel at a thrift shop for 3,50 bucks :21: . The spokes were perfectly even tensioned and it turns like a dream.
I do plan on repacking it thoroughly, that is my thing!
The front wheel I also found on a internet marketplace.

What are my plans for this buildoff?
Do I look like guy with a plan?

What are my thoughts for this buildoff?
Cutting, chopping, welding and fabricating.

Top chop the frame, making it lower. Can't promise I will go full on Burrito, but I really like Burrito bikes since I got to know them on this forum.
Fabricate a new downtube. I don't know if I am going to spend some money and try some ideas that I have OR that I am going to go budget and roam the scrapheaps and thrift shops. We will see :thumbsup:
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BRE is at it again! And when you reside 7 hours into the future, and the 'ball drops' on RRB BO19 at 9 pm Central Daylight time, you get about 4 hours of daylight to get a jump on the build off!

Looks cool.

RaT oN~!
Killer Kuts so far. This should be fun!
I like where this is heading. No plan whatsoever, like a madmanView attachment 263758
Let's get nuts!
Wow, I never saw or knew that detail! Reminds me of the Matrix and the G-man.
Thanks for that, I gotta re-watch that movie.

BRE is at it again! And when you reside 7 hours into the future, and the 'ball drops' on RRB BO19 at 9 pm Central Daylight time, you get about 4 hours of daylight to get a jump on the build off!

Looks cool.

RaT oN~!
Thank you! I gotta admit, waiting to start cutting was hard!

So far you’re winning your category
Not anymore 😉 I hope I get to race my competition!

Killer Kuts so far. This should be fun!
Thank you!!
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This morning I cut about 8 centimetres from the seatpost. A top chop?


Seatpost marks.


Very cool


My first CADboard session!

Usually my bikes have about 80 centimetres from the top of the seat, to the heart of the bottom bracket. So I'll use that.


First thoughts for connecting the tubing.


I like this lower beam a bit more, even though its more used for this style of bike.


Drew the frame 1:1 scale.


I will lengthen the arch and join it to the bottom bracket pot.


It was a bit dark in the room, but you can get an idea of the vision.



Some more measurements and ideas:

I want to be able to ride it, without the annoyances of constant pedal scraping and my foot hitting the front wheel.
So the BB center is about 20 centimetres from the ground.

24 inch wheels.

And I got the tires:


Maybe I'll cut and drop the fork, not sure yet.
Thanks for having a look!


  • 20240428_193757.jpg
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So I pondered on my CAD board design a little bit and decided to go nuts again.

Mouth Eating GIF by 8it



Dropping the fork about 13cm (5 inches).

Now I like the backbone/top tube (or ratneck? :grin:) and overall low look of the bike a bit better.

I will go to a steel dumpster tomorrow and see if anything is there for my bike.
Hi guys, I wanted to post some ideas that I have regarding tubing.

  • The cheapest is of course finding a good square profile (down tube) and something for the top tube in the dumpster.

  • The next idea is to buy some tubing (CrMo) and building the frame with that. I have this great double barrel idea, probably it is 'predictively programmed' in my head due to the previous picture with those guys with a shotgun.

  • But my favorite idea... probably the most work and expensive... Is this:

Already made it happen in a CAD program. But the model is a 'work in progress'.
From cardboard to cad :thumbsup:




The weight from two sidewalls is about 1 kilograms.

I made this from 2mm thick S355 construction steel.
This will get a lower- plus upperdeck and some bulkheads to ensure torsion stiffness.
This is quite some work, but it does not need full length welds.

The idea came from the "Azor IFL" (or Azor Eiffel) bicycle:

I guess I will check the price at a lasercutter and decide then.
It feels a bit silly making a beautiful truss frame on a junk bike :crazy:

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