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This is shaping up to be the coolest trailer/cart I've ever seen. The moment I saw how the wheelbarrow frame with the step in the back, it practically screamed "HOT ROD!" Looking forward to more updates on this one!
Thank you. Appreciate it!

From junk steel profile to pro chassis hotrod part, love it!



Both sides.

Both profiles are the same, only length and therefore position on the chassis is different.
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Looks good , wheels came out great.😎
Thank you!

Wheels are nearly finished. A buddy of mine is trueing the front wheels (I gotta admit, these 12 1/2" wheels are a nightmare :crazy: ). He has much much more experience with that!

Rear tires are on and I cleaned the threads on the rear shaft, some welding splatters were in the way.

And I found a great grater! This stainless steel speedholed kitchen ornament makes a great grille I believe. I have to look at it when all wheels are on and the faux engine is mocked up.



Chassis bulkheads are welded!


Wheels done. When the front wheels are true'd, I will press the bearings in these rear wheels and assemble them.


M10 thread cutter. The nuts are on! I probably use two nuts as shown here (locknut and acorn nut) or one locknut with a nylon ring.


Found these at the thrift shop. The left one is a coffee plateau.



Note: not the final colour, but this looks grater than grate (see what I did there?)

I have the wheels back from trueing. I put the tires on and mounted them on the spindles.

I mounted the inner rear bearings and testfitted the rear wheels too, I couldnt wait.
So the outer bearing and bushes will be assembled soon.

My wife and kid sat on the rear axle and I pulled them for a ride. This went very good! Without a load, the chassis is almost too stiff.
We'll see what happens later on!







Pretty stiff! But no load. I have to think about that. I saw other carts that had that same effect.
Thats great! really liking the front on shot! how youve got the axle heights just right and its running real low in the front, its actually looking like its gonna have a motor n bars or steering wheel added!

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