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Dec 19, 2013
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Just scooped this up from a local estate sale. They had a pretty hefty price on the bikes so I left an offer with them to decide on. Lo-and-behold the family accepted my offer. It's rough! It's a 54 by the serial (w234665) It's ratty and the only thing that drew me to it was the tank. I thought it would fit my rollfast so I took a gamble. It's missing a lot... I mean almost everything. No kickstand, fenders, light, rack, tank horn, og seat and pedals. It also looks like it had truss rods or a springer on it by the looks of the dents in the tank. It's got a new departure model D hub on it. (which I'm assuming is correct? I know next to nothing about Columbias.) it's missing spokes and the wheels are bent, but heck I've got plans for it once the rollfast is done. It also has one Goodyear all weather that is still pretty solid.


The inside of the tank is in pretty nice shape... I'm actually torn because I feel like someone could use this way more than me on an og paint bike. It may go up for sale if someone really needs it.


It also looks as though it was gone over at a Schwinn dealer. The rear tire is a junk Schwinn branded kenda and it has a nice Schwinn branded replacement seat. It looks on par with a 60s "S" seat.

As for the frame I'm thinking of a military theme bike for my girlfriend's brother who is a tanker for the army. [emoji2]
Nice find.
I've been looking for a Columbia tank
If you decide to sell , I might be interested
AWESOME find!!! Makes me miss Firewing. Put me in line if you decide to sell it as well. I doubt that tank will fit a Rollfast.
Thanks guys, I couldn't bare to leave it just rust away. There was a early 50s Firestone ladies cruiser and a 3800 Velo-Solex there too, but I guess you can't save them all...

Oak Tree I completely agree with keeping the og paint. It's a work of art and once you strip it it will never be the same again.

Tibbster I will pm you and kingfish...


The tank does fit the rollfast... Sorta... It just doesn't look right to me though. It's "Era correctness" just isn't there. [emoji12] I think I will just finish the tank I'm building and maybe offer this one up...
cool find!!!!
loks like it cold be restored if you go that route but I say keeping true rat rod ashio just air it b it and ride it.
I lie how it says three star deluxe down the downube
little things like that is why I love vintage bicycles they so artistic and creative

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