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Nov 21, 2008
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I just picked up this 1985 Columbia Twosome tandem. The tires hold air but the cables are seized and the chains are stiff. Once those two issues are fixed it will be rideable. I plan to restore it. If my wife won't ride it with me my son & daughter-in-law will ride it. I also have an older Schwinn tandem and a bare Schwinn tandem frame that I plan to restore and build. The bare frame might get an upgrade with mountain bike wheels and parts.

Here's another tandem I've had for several years. It's a Dec '71 Schwinn currently with wrong mismatching wheels. I would love to upgrade it with better wheels and good rear brakes. My Columbia Twosome has a rear drum. I'd love to install one on the Schwinn.

I'm thinking about this for the Schwinn tandem, if I can find wheels to match up. What say ye?
A couple thoughts/questions.
How would you mount the brakes to the frame?
The schwinn twins had 12 gauge spokes. Not sure if that is 100% necessary, but you do need to support 2 riders.
I have a Schwinn Twinn with atom drum brake in the rear. The stopping power is very weak. Maybe it needs new pads? I’m not sure but it is the only atom drum brake I have ever touched. A real pain in the butt because you have to remove the cable to get the wheel off.

If there is anything I would change on my Schwinn Twinn it would be the wheelset and brakes. But I am just trying to sell it and don’t want to put any money into it. So I sort of have a similar problem, but haven’t found a solution.
I'm using adapters to mount disc brakes on two of my bikes. I'll know well they work with actual use.