Recycled Klunker vs Factory Klunker

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Nov 22, 2011
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I snagged the Shelby frame and fork years ago from eBay. I gradually added a mix of parts to it to make it rideable. I guess it’s a sorta of Klunker or Strandie rat rod.
Then I found the State Bicycle Company Klunker on Marketplace. As a factory build it was original except for the saddle. They were sold out at usual sources, we took a road trip to pick up the used Yellowstone model. Having been to Yellowstone National Park twice it has done sentimental value.
They both have similar riding characteristics but the overall feel is very different based on frame geometry and wheel/tire size. The Shelby bars could use more rise.

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The spec on the homegrown version is better and thus more dependable.
Maybe, I’ve been told the Shelby frames tend to separate at the bottom bracket and seat post. Wheels about the same just size difference. Drivetrain pretty comparable, except Shimano CB hub vs HiStop CB hub in State bike.
Which bike do you prefer? Why? Asking for a friend.
Appearance I like the State 27.5. More satisfaction in my Shelby build. The State Klunker a little harder to mount due to larger frame and wheels. I guess I like both equally well based on the fact they are both similar but yet different.
If the bars on the Shelby had more rise it might win out.
comparable, except Shimano CB hub vs HiStop CB hub in State bike.
Anywhere that there is a transfer of power is a crucial point and those points also include the rear wheel as a whole, cranks, pedals, chain, cogs, bottom brackets, and chainrings. Having less than quality at these points is an invitation for failure, IMO. This is why I previously pointed out the questionable marketing in the spec for the State cruisers. If one ponders how to upgrade the power transfer points on the State (or any other of the inexpensive-ish neo-bigwheel 26" and up cruisers), what would a dependable build truly cost?

I get that the Shelbys and other vintage frames have their strong and weak points, it's all part of the resto/mod realm. YMMV, but this is why I largely stick with Schwinn for vintage cruiser based builds. The lowest quality I'll go on any 26" MTB to BMX conversions are Giant Taiwan built frames with quality tubesets, which is currently 100% of my frame and built inventory of that style.
I’ve been tweaking these two with a few changes. The Shelby got new pedals that somewhat match the wheel rim color and new Fairdale bars with a 7” rise. The bars provide for a bit better riding position for my old back.
The State Klunker got a leather Gyes saddle that I had laying around. Also added a pair recycled pedals and new Vans grips to match frame color. Also found a bag for a multi-tool and whatever.

The front spokes needed tightened and the crank arms were creaking. I removed the crank arms, they’d been installed dry so they weren’t really ever seated. I lightly added some grease and got them seated and torqued. Problem solved for now. This a good rider, need to find some dirt and gravel.
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I changed out the bars on the State Klunker to Velo Orange Klunker bars and a Wake stem. That provides a better riding position for me.

That's a couple of sweet machines! I have a Shelby frame like that to build up someday, klunker style. Those State klunkers look like they would be really fun to ride. I see a lot of those on YouTube when I search for klunkers. Cool stuff!