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Oct 5, 2009
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does anyone know how to remove a chain ring from a one piece crankset? i cant for the life of me get the chain ring off. its an early 1960's schwinn crankset with the standard factory chain ring on it (4 circles). Is there a special way or tool that i need to pry this thing off or is it an actual part of the crankset? I want to put on a new ring if i can get the old one off. Secondly, what will i need in order to put the new one on? is it a cotter pin that they used? any help on this would be much appreciated thanks!
I assume you have the crank and bearings out of the bike. If you have a vice, place the right crank arm in the vice. Then use a big adjustable wrench or pipe wrench to loosen the bearing cone/nut holding the chainring on. The threads are normal, so turn the wrench counterclock wise.

Just reverse the process when assembling back together. You may need a large washer between sprocket and bearing cone/nut. Use whatever grease your have on hand for the bearings.

Here is Park Tools guide to one-piece cranks.
worked perfectly. thank you cman! this forum is so great, so many awesome and knowledgable people...just wanna shout out and say thanks to everyone for making this website awesome!