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The resulting drop is about 2" and the stretch is about 3". I wonder about more extention, but then I'm sure that I would have to add triangular bracing and maybe I should just be satisfied how this is working and leave that for another project. Next came a test ride and I found that the handling had not changed much. I thought that I might have to make these extentions out of steel, but these aluminum ones seem to be plenty strong and rigid enough. They might not stand up to jumping but for just cruising I think they will be ok. Now I pull it apart and make some refinements.

I pulled a banana seat pan out of my shed and decided to redo it for this build. Its got surface rust, but its otherwise still solid. I had a scrap of medium density foam left over from a motorcycle seat that I redid a few years back. I used some leftover midnight blue vinyl for the cover. I had to put a seam in the cover to get it to conform to the bend in the seat without a bunch of big wrinkles. It turned out ok and I gained some experience that may come in handy on future projects.

I've refined the rear extensions a bit for a better appearance.

I fitted a rear fender and bobbed it. Its kind of wobbly and I think I will brace it to the sissy.

The back end looks about how I like it, so next I have to decide which bars would be most appropriate.
I am in agreement with the majority of the members that expressed an oplnion about the bars and installed the 11.5" apes. While I was at it I installed a brake lever and grips and accessories. The setup offers me a natural feeling reach and I would like to take it for a spin, but our roads are icy right now.
I thought a chopper style suicide shifter might be appropriate for this build. I mounted a thumb shifter on the seat tube. I spread the clamp enough to fit on the seat tube and installed a longer curved bolt with nut. Its not real elegant, but it works my mind is already trying to figure a neater mount. I like the location and it functions well.
I used a double chainring crankset, but I don't want a front derailleur. I think this bike will be cruised in the lower gears, but if the big ring is desired; the chain can be shifted manually.

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