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Mar 24, 2008
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UPPER LAKE C.A. est 1854
I heard that this is the name of a fire road on Mt Tamalpias named after having to repack the bearings after doing the downhill, so Repack it is the frame has been in the stable for a while it is the white Rallye of unknown vintage(you have to look way to the right with the gold trim) I am slowly getting pieces together but I amshooting for some gears on the beast[img][/img]and heres the before pic of the tires[img][/img]
Re: Repack!!!

I have been sick at home the past two days but I just managed to crawl out of bed and strip down the bike and frame everything went well but, the original paint wont quite make it as far as color I am thinking bright yellow with black accents and I have an interesting idea for tires.
Re: Repack!!!

Well the sickness kicked my derriere (rearend) ,and weather has been cold and raining but its been letting up a bit .I have monday off so hopefully finish stripping the paint with my new stripping wheel ,I just hope I can find time to finish this beast but all I can do is try. I want to try the Ponytail Mike stencil technique that looked pretty cool just need time.
Re: Repack!!! paint photos11/24/08

Interesting colors! 8) Looking foward to the progress!

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