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Nov 21, 2008
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My "new" Raleigh with rod brakes has some small holes, the largest about 1/8" in the front rim. I hope to find a replacement rim but I'd like to do a temporary repair. I'm undecided about the best way. JB Weld? Solder?
Depends on how you plan to finish the rims. If you are just going to remove the rust and run it, JB weld might hold. Solder would work as well , but the surface will have to be super clean to insure adhesion. If you plan to recrome them, I’d Tig weld them. Rare rims are worth the effort, it’s a good thing the rim beads aren’t rusted through.
JB Weld for sure! I believe some of that is braking surface, so you might want to fill in the deep pits too. I'd neutralize the rust in an oxalic acid bath (how-to threads on this) first. -Adam
You can get them on any Chinese bike site(AliExpress may have them) or just look around for a hero or flying pigeon. Any dirt or crap on those rims will make breaking even more scary than normal with rod breaks. Some Dutch bike stores may still have them to. Those rims are not that rare just rare in the west
I have a spare pair of dl1 wheels with tires. Where you located? Shipping would be quite a bit.

I rebuilt a tourist for my boss years ago. He picked up a replacement rim while on a trip to Mexico.

Yellow Jersey in Madison used to stock them. The shop moved north a few years ago. The web site says they have rims in stock. $29.95 (that's really good) in 32h,36h or 40h. Note some Raleighs had 32h front and 40h rear so count your spokes before ordering.
I'd say holes in the rim makes it good for an art project, not a rideable bike.
Cousin Thom:
Depending on the condition of the tire side of the rim, you probably could jury rig this by laying some aluminum foil tape on the tire side (maybe more than 1 layer) then throw on your rim strip, tube, and tire. I suspect that tape would provide more support than JB Weld, solder, or some other goop. Have fun, but don't go too fast or too far!

alum foil tape.jpeg