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I guess "3 speed" bikes are a type of road bike? the Black one is a 1968 Sears (steyer?) 3 speed, the Red one is a 1970's Columbia 5-speed.

I was just checking out my wife's uncle's Peugeot, just like the one you posted. It is nowhere near as pretty as that, and I'm scared of the European sizes, so it's still in his garage, but he sure enjoyed rolling down memory lane!
In the works. 85 Schwinn Sierra with 700c 8-speed Nexus.

But I think I'm going to put this setup, along with the Sakae cranks, on a 63 Schwinn Corvette frame. As it will have a little more rear tire clearance, a little lower bottom bracket, and room for a layback seatpost for a little more leg extension while still being able to touch the ground.
Someday I'll take a stroll around my brother's garage and snap some pics. He's a garage door repair guy, so he gets a peek at everyone's stash. All he does is vintage road bikes; Dawes, Shogun, Miyata, Miele, nothing but vintage classics. Refuses to pay over a hundred, still gets the gold.
So stubborn about them too, I've finally convinced him to try one with a flat bar as an attempt at getting him to look at mountain bikes too. He set one up, almost. It's been done for months, except for brake levers, he "can't find any". Think it's an excuse not to get off drop bars.
I only have one bike that kind of falls into the road bike classification, as it is a Racer, that was designed and built for use on the road, ergo, a road bike. :)

Anyway. 1920 Pierce Amateur Sprint Racer, Model BR. Carbon steel frame and fork, 25 pounds of fun.

Scary fast also.

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Great for a Street Racer Classic event!
Louison Bobet Cyclo Tourist
This mid-1960’s 15 speed Touring bike was built in France for the American market and was imported by Gene Portuesi’s Cyclo-Pedia mail order catalog and cycling hand book. The company was started in 1937 and traded well into the 1970’s, providing European components that were generally unavailable in the US until the 1970’s. Not only did they supply bikes and components but had a wealth of information on bike selection, bike tubing, use of derailleur gears, cycle camping, tubular tire repairs (remember them?), wheel building, spoke charts,cadence/gear charts, and gear ratio charts.
This particular bike was an entry level touring bike- steel frame, steel rims, cottered cranks, fenders, racks, and generator powered lights. A unique feature of the bike were the guidonnet brake levers, which enabled the rider to brake from the top of the handle bars rather than from the drops. This bike cost $100 at a time when an imported English 3-speed could be had for $40-50 and American balloon tire models cost $35 to $65. Of course, custom built cyclo-touring bikes with alloy components were hundreds of dollars so the Louison Bobet was really a bargain.
Since the derailleur, front rack, and head light are different, with no chain guard, I suspect that this bike is a slightly earlier model than the one on the page from this 1968 Cyclo Pedia catalog . Otherwise the bike is identical.

by fanegatrac, on Flickr

Cyclo-Pedia Catalog
by fanegatrac, on Flickr

by fanegatrac, on Flickr
My ridding buddy had one of these in HS in the 1960s. He rode it around Lake Superior during summer break.. It was stolen off his enclosed front porch in the 1970s. Nice bike, his had sew up tires.

I have three "road" bikes currently built-up, including one based a full custom Columbus Ultra Foco Nivachrome frame that was built for me in 2005, which is IMO the bicycle equivalent of Formula 1 on twisty CO mountain road downhills. Even so, I found a frameset on fleabay around a year ago that appears to have been fabbed for someone my size in 1972. I've been slowly but surely collecting primarily Gipiemme Italian parts for it, with a little other Eurotrash thrown in for good measure and a solid build. For those who may be in the know, the BB Shell has "P4" stamped on the underside.
Long time I didn't post here. Some of the last weeks acquisitions:

2003 Cannondale R800 Caad5, just got it yesterday, i need to adjust the seat

2009 Trek Alpha 2.1, got it yesterday, sold today

1997 Titus Titanium FCR

1998 Bianchi Veloce, Campagnolo

1977 Raleigh Competition

1984 Trek 620 touring

Nasbar Race

1972 Peugeot PX10

1984 Trek 500

Team Fuji

Miyata 710
2003 Lemond Zurich

Long time I did not post any bike.
Here are some nicer ones

1983 Trek 620


Nashbar Mark III


1982 Miyata 710


1980 Trek 710


Schwinn Prelude


1972 Maserati MT5


1985 Raleigh Alyeska


Schwinn Premis


Bianchi Record Strada


1982 Miyata 710

Long time I did not post any bike.
Here are some nicer ones

1983 Trek 620

View attachment 142019

Nashbar Mark III

View attachment 142020

1982 Miyata 710

View attachment 142021

1980 Trek 710

View attachment 142022

Schwinn Prelude

View attachment 142023

1972 Maserati MT5

View attachment 142024

1985 Raleigh Alyeska

View attachment 142025

Schwinn Premis

View attachment 142026

Bianchi Record Strada

View attachment 142027

1982 Miyata 710

View attachment 142028
That Prelude is :113:

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