Rocket Stove vs Hobo Stove

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Here it is a feed tube and the chimney tube, both of which I cut with a tubing cutter, from a used Silverado shock absorber.


Be careful when you cut these open. These normally have compressed nitrogen gas inside, but this old one had leaked out all the gas pressure.
I split the foot that I had removed and made 2 feet from it, to give the stove some stability.

That shock absorber body makes for a tall chimney, but I can always shorten it.

That little dimple is where they fill the gas in the nitrogen charged shock absorber.

They weld it in a nitrogen atmosphere with a high-speed spinning friction weld.

That Silverado shock absorber was made in the good old US of A.

Next I must figure out the door hinges, Build a shaker grate, and arrange some airflow.
Making good hinges is harder than you think.

These were made from pieces of rectangular tubing.

The latch handle turned out to be a little long.

But it works and so does the hinge.


I still haven’t created any air vent. It also needs a shaker grate, and there’s some small holes that need to be welded up.