Schwinn Panther at Curtiss Museum Swap Meet

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May 23, 2020
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Central New York State near the Erie Canal
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The Glenn H Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport NY has a motorcycle event every August. Combination Ride-In, Swap Meet and Museum Show. I trailered a 1959 Indian Chief to display (built by Royal Enfield for Indian after the factory shut down in 1953). Also had a station wagon full of old tools to sell. A guy down the row was selling this motor bike - It's a Scwinn Panther - sorry, I forgot the name of the motor - and yes, that's a $6000 asking price. I love the gas tank. The left side is a glove/tool box, gas on the right.
I had one just like that, only on a Monark frame, was so much fun. They had a 5 disk clutch on them, awesome. They where Marman twin.......Curt