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May 7, 2021
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Coral Springs, Florida
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I had these SE 6" rise bars and a Black Ops BMX stem laying around so I figured why not. I'm a Klunker kind of a guy. I ordered some new grips, ditched the twist shifter for a thumb shifter, and wallah! Klunker! The thumb shifter goes thru all 7 gears surprisingly smooth.

I feel like I'm leaning too far forward though. Very similar to a mountain bike. We'll see. Might have to get some taller bars, like 10-11" bars. 😜🤘 I've already informed my wife of this. She just rolled her eyes. I told her, "hey, be thankful I'm not into race cars and hotrods anymore. Bikes are cheap compared to those." She said, "you're such a butthead." Ahhhhh....21 years of married bliss. 🤣🤣
It was actually her idea for me to work on the bike in the living room since it was 98° in the garage. She's a good egg. I'll keep her.

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The stock fork looks fairly close to a BMX and has the good brakes all set up. But a BMX fork might look better, and in chrome if you go that route.

You can get a little closer to the handlebars if need be, by rotating the bracket on the seat so it sits a couple inches forward.