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Jan 13, 2007
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northern calif
the orange frame in the pic is whats left of a Schwinn Stingray Scrambler so I'll build it up for this B.O.
Your from the schwinn forums arent you?
I remember these frames from a Stingray frame comparison thread...maybe it was on here

Im prettty excited to see all these schwinns entered done,
yes dingo I do go to the Schwinn forrums, I think I posted that pic here in another thread and now it looks like both
will be built for this kbbo. My little test rider is going to build the large frame while I build the small one.

so I started digging through the pile for parts now that the snow has melted away I think I can put a bike together from this pile :roll:

I am trying to decide on a fork , these are both NOS replacements forks I have a few of these I picked up some time back from my l.b.s

I hope to do some work on it this w/e
hey, that blue frame, the tandem, you want to sell it, if so how much?

Outlaw :mrgreen:
Dingo the blade fork is what should be on this bike but I think I want a different look, I am thinking muscle bike with a 20/16 wheel combo.

Outlaw the tandem is my daughters project she is getting it ready for paint...I want to cut it up for a stretch chopper :mrgreen:
Father and daughter building side by side! Your a "lucky" man. Can't wait to see both results! 8)
rear wheel together I started with a slighly rusty dirty Komet Super hub and a pre laced front wheel


after a couple hours disassembly , cleaning, regreasing and relacing this is the end result


I forgot how smooth the Komet hubs were, this wheel should do the trick.
Now for a front wheel hmmmm

Kota that daughter of mine is a chip off the old block she likes everything I like...Great kid and real smart.
jeez you guys are doing some cool bikes for this kbbo. I have at managed to get the frame sanded, primed and painted pink :lol:

OK its not pink

still choosing other parts from the pile and picked up a sissy bar and seat from the local low rider shop
more later
trying out some fork and wheel combos , I like this one and its actually the look this bike had from day one....old school bmx

the frame with a stock rear fender mounted along with the front end

I would still need to cut off the extra length of steer tube
more later
I tossed a few more parts on and gave the bike a test like 1977 all over again and what a wheelie machine I almost bailed on it
a couple times so here it is ridable

the back wheel is so smooth with the komet hub and the gear work really good on this little ray

My wife thought I was having too much fun so she had to take it for a spin

I still have a few things to do to this bike but I really like it in old school bmx fashion
Old school bmx rules. I'm 44 and that bring's back memories. I may have to build somrthing like that now. I like it!
Thanks for all the comments guys....I let Rachael rob the seat from this bike and I have had a full plate lately so I will have to finish
this bike later.
Congrats to the other builders you guys are building some cool bikes :!:

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