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Nov 26, 2016
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Central Oregon



'97 GT Zaskar, Cannondale fork, older Paul hubs, Rhynolite rims. Magic gear.

Only new parts not from my bin ended up being headset, seatpost collar, bottom bracket, crank spindle, and tires.

I had more blue stuff but it was just too much, it took away from the frame/fork that look so good together. Doesn't need more distracting anno, just a touch here and there.

It's a blast to ride!
Thanks! It's real zippy and "quick" handling. Much shorter wheelbase and steeper HTA than my modern full-squish 29er.

I think I may need gloves with more padding!
There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the final hours. I had a crank with a 30mm spindle (Hope). I had a "30mm" bottom bracket from Box components. HOWEVER it turns out that several companies which ostensibly use a "30mm" crank spindle actually have a 30mm on the drive side, and a 28mm bearing ID on the non-drive side. Oof.

Of course my crank has a straight 30 spindle, but Box Components is one of those that use a 28mm NDS. After some fussing and thinking, I realize that what they actually do is use a small pressed-in sleeve on the NDS to bring the bearing down from 30 to 28mm ID. Well, what is pressed in can be pressed out! But I don't have an appropriate drift, BUT I do have a typical headset cup remover thing, which I slid into place and applied the 3lb sledge to and finally popped it out. Huzzah! What an annoying late-night thing to encounter, I'm lucky my workshop is on the other end of the house from sleeping family members, I made quite a racket.