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May 9, 2020
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Did you know, that all of the quality items that get donated to Goodwill get sent to their online shopping/auction? Now you know if you weren’t aware. I have been buying on their site for years. Prices can get a bit high at times and shipping can get out of hand, but there is local pickup!!! And nearly every city has a Goodwill store. Not all are tied in to the online store though. I decided share this info, since resourcing parts and parts bikes can be difficult for some. It’s a very popular site, noticing Brooks seats and other bike items going for large sums. I’ve found many gems, sometimes for a steal.
I looked into them. Kinda stinks that most of the complete bikes are local pickup only. A few have a reasonable shipping estimate. But a lot of them have an estimated shipping weight of 125-175 lbs so shipping costs are $175-$300 or more. I've picked up some parts and some vintage Hot Wheels for very good prices. Anyone in Orange County can grab some sweet deals. Nice bikes, local pickup only.

A few things I won recently.