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Oct 4, 2006
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Vernon British Columbia,Canada
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well....let's see what everyone is rollin as far as Automobiles....

This is my Wagon.It's a 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon....




and my UGLY TRUCK..that fits all the kids bikes as well as mine..
it's a 1960 International b-100 Panel ugly as a mud fence but frigin sweet to drive..



I'd love to see what everyone else is strapping there bikes to...

Sweet Iron head..thatll kill the ... after an hour of bumpy roads..
and the truck..well, that's pretty sweet.It would look killer with a set of skinny white's and astro supreeme's..

sweet rides'z Poppa!

and The Mini Dragsters..that's just awesome!I'd love to see them run.
Multipass... you seem like a guy I could have a beer or two with.

Here's a picture of my bike:


I just saw the dyno sheet for that thing someplace around here.
102 hp. with a hair over 80 ft/lbs if I remember right.
I also added 954RR brakes and USD forks,
Canadian Firestorm bodywork (a rarity here in Arizona for sure)
and a bunch of other stuff. I almost opted for the VFR,
it sure would be more comfortable.


And a crowd pleasing picture:


I sold my Cougar this summer:

To buy a 55 chevy.... but I was "encouraged" to pay off my student loans early. My last payment is in a week! YAHOO!!!! (but there are days I wish I had opted for the 55)
I am selling my 53 bel-air. looking at a 63 skylark instead otherwise i would post pics of it in a ton of peices for yall
thehazmatguy -- sweet Firestorm, those things sound soooooo good aftermarket pipes. After seeing how you haul it, you really can't claim that "it's never been on it's side " :mrgreen:

My VFR hasn't seen much use this year, I picked up a KLR in June, which means most of my riding has been in the back country. The KLR is a better commuter bike too - there's more "options" if you don't need asphalt.

Too bad about having to let the '55 pass you by. Such is life when you're a car guy, there's always so many that "I shoulda bought when I had the chance" Ah Well....

I gotta get a pic of my Duster up here, but right now it's covered in snow so that may have to wait.

Here's my Ratty 23 T-bucket me and my girlfriends dad built. We stuffed a 460 Ford in it and a host of other stuff. But I want to get rid of it for a 50-54 Chevy Coupe! Also pics of my 1998 Honda Civic not a rat rod though!
Also here's a link to a video of my Bucket that my friend made!!


That is ...... T-bucket! I would trade it. I would just have both!!
The daily beater. It's been a while since it was this clean...


And this is sitting in the garage waiting for me to lavish time and money on it...


looks like Rat Rod is a bit of a Buck "I" fan...
gotta love them Buicks..

this,is one of my all time favourite cars..
for those who don't know about this bad boy,well lets just say...

a work of art it is!
Clothespin "n" said:
looks like Rat Rod is a bit of a Buck "I" fan...
gotta love them Buicks..

Yes....something about walking softly and carrying a big stick...ha ha.

I was heavily involved in the Buick club and was addicted to the turbo Buicks for several years. The amount of torque and power that those intercooled turbo charged V6s produce is incredible. Nothing like rolling along at 40mph and nailing it only to have the rear meats break loose and walk out to the side. Spent my fair share of time at the track too.

Looks like we have a wide variety of gearheads here!