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My 4x4...


My lowrider...


My Cadillac...

My rides... Both rare in my neck of the woods..

1975 Mazda RX3 Coupe



1978 Nissan Skyline Wagon





not as cool as all the tasty stuff on here... but this is my new whip. 2011 Journey Crew. I've since had the front windows tinted to match rears.

Finally got the truck done and then decided we needed a "family" car.

And here's the reason I don't get much internet time. :mrgreen:

New wide whites before the skirts and caps went back on, I like the look, the Family hated it. :roll:

Thanks guys! She's a hoot to drive, 3 in the tree and a
straight six with dual exhaust, sounds pretty neat.
Hooch, tell yer buddy black is way overdone now, have him go dark red primer.
I always liked those Johnny. Big plans or leaving it like she is?
What's that 4 door Wagon in the background? Yours too?
Thanks! I gotta say, yours is one of the nicest I've seen. My bumpside is staying like it is for now. I'd consider painting it, but it has a shotgun hole in the passenger door that I don't want to mess with, because I think it adds too much to the truck. The previous owner already rebuilt the engine and trans last year, and added a disc front end off a 76, so there's not too much I need to mess with right now. I'm sure that'll be a different story in a month though... The wagon in the background is a 60-61 Dodge Lancer, and it's not mine. It's someone who lives in my apartment building, all I know is it doesn't run, and it looks really cool in that early 60s over the top way.