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Nov 24, 2012
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The Tropics of Alabama

I'm investing in shares of Evaporust before the market closes. Thanks for the stock tip!
Not so fast, I'll be using oxalic acid!

And speaking of AO baths, has anyone tried it on chrome over plastic? Or any other products like Evaporust, etc.?
I want to clean this up, but don't want to strip it in the process.

Yes... so, what you are seeing is breaks in the chrome where the undercoating of copper is exposed and corroding, hence the green... like a penny. Evaporust will knock it back, but you'll be left with some rough chrome. I don't know what your goal is, so share that. Either way... that black "deck" sticker... peel that off before you soak it in anything. You can clean that up separately and glue it back on when you're done.
The goal is to get it looking as good as possible without re-chroming or painting. Just a detailed cleaning.

But I don't want to risk losing anything in the process. It will be a balancing act.
Based on that, my recommendation is pull the entire thing apart (Keep pictures of the order in which you pulled out all the washers... and share those pics with me! :D ) and soak in Evaporust. You can machine polish the internals, but I would hand polish the cover with a cleaner wax.

That "glass" can be removed gently (it's glued) and you can wet-sand it with 2,000 grit, then hand polish with the cleaner wax.

Lastly, Bruce Crawford sells the decals in a set.

In fact, he makes all the decals you'd need.
First casualty to report.

The cable adjuster on the derailleur broke off. I thought it would turn free without a PB Blaster soak first. I was wrong.:(
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I have restored Larks for sale, and I have a trade-in program.

I can also put one together with patina to match the bike, if you want all the function but don’t want all the bling.