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The Jerald and cord tire combo look mean.
I second the idea of patina white wheels if you can grab some in time. But the black on black looks good too.
I remembered that the 50’s hornet I posted earlier had a mismatched set of wheels on it when I got it, and luckily they were still here. They are both pretty nice wheels with matching patina. The rear is an s2 and the front an s7. It’s a cool look and might be the winner.

Wow I wasn't expecting you to pull out a big n little combo
Very nice really works with that flying star frame
This may sound a bit crazy but I think a rear rack would look so good on your bike
So many horizontal lines but the back seems so plain
@MONARKofSoCal I think you are cheating off of my homework :D. When I was getting the wheels out of the rafters I also pulled out a rack. I ran out of time last night to see how it would look on there. I'll give it a shot to see how it works. The other idea was a bobbed fender, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not.
I also dug out these light for a headlight and taillight combo. No idea what the rear light is from, and I think the headlight is a tractor light. The headlight paint is even a decent color match. I’m not sure if it needs a headlight though, I don’t want it to take away too much from the headlight. I have an idea how to mount it.
Great build! I love the overall look of the bike. The big and little combo is inspired. Patina is perfect. Fork is super kool. I agree that rack looks a bit too beefy but a "lighter" one might work, or the abbreviated fender. Lots of hot rod and chopper influence here. Bad a--!
If there was a way to tuck it between the stem & spring so it isn't above the bar & behind the spring to not stick out the front from the side view.🤔

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