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Sep 17, 2013
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The middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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I found a solution to breaking skip tooth chains. Not ideal but it works better than any brakers I have found. I took a Sunlite Mini Chain Breaker ($10.49 on Amazon) and broke off one of the centering guides. It broke off easily with a punch and hammer as it is made out of cheap pot metal.

The driver pin is long enough to push out the longer length of the 3/16 inch chain. It's too bad it's such a cheaply built unit, but then again, I won't be using it much. I haven't tried to put on lengths, just to shorten a chain and it worked as well as any other chain breaker on a standard chain for this. You might not have to break off a guide but I did because I was breaking a block chain and both guides wouldn't fit as the block length is not open to allow the guide to fit.
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