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Here is one for Idea Index.:eek:

You beat me to it outsider. I've been eyeing one of those for some time.
Twin Skirts! Stock Columbia Wire AND Elgin Skirts on '39 Columbia

no bolting, cleverly braced and mounted to fit.

I know, chain side looks a little funny with a short guard and long skirt :p
Im workin' on it, okay?
I have Skirt Guards on an old Schwinn that I picked up. They are rope. They look like a Volley Ball Net. Are there any articles or Pictures of these? Mine are pretty tore up. Is there a How To?
Bumping this thread with my work in progress flipped skirt.

Bumping this thread with my work in progress flipped skirt.

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Ive seen the photos and like the new approach. Another foot in the door to something New, a style that hasnt to my knowledge yet been explored quite the same way. With that said, I want it to come lightly when I say I dont really dig the look myself., something about it feels incomplete? like you had mentioned in the comments on one of the FB posts about it., if you had two pairs., one up and one down on either side for that fish fin look would be cool [if you had two sets alike] I agree with that., It reminds me of a lose part in some way., like its dangling? does that make sense? I dont mean to be crass., just one guys opinion,. and as I mentioned I find it very inventive. Maybe just not my flavor :confused:
There are positively surprizing things in here. This thread doth appear to be one of them. Fender skirts, of themselves, are curious things. A few extremely nice examples of fender skirted bikes are in Jacksonville. Sadly, I didn't have a camera or phone with a decent camera when they appeared. One set was particularly nice, but the rider was ignorant of what she had. Light blue with a tiny mural painted on them, they were a solid material, rather than the open rib designs in these photos. No Sign of how they attached.