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May 9, 2009
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I was at the local Walmart and oddly days before I was saying I wanted a Klunker. Well Walmart had these. A Columbia Rambler 26' wheels. even disk brake tabs on frame. and double top bar and 3 piece crankset. some of the things I wanted. wanted the threadless stem to but ill settle for that one lol. gonna build it into something nice!. also make people aware of these lovely modern Klunker bikes.

Heres a link to the walmart page. unsure if they sell them in the usa but here they do. the website says theres none in most stores but they where in the ones here.

When I wake up im gonna start gathering parts!


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I built a similar bike a few years ago from a Walmart repop 1952 Columbia. Every bearing was dry and wore out right away after greasing right away. I don't think the bearing and cups were made from hardened steel or poorly hardened. The nice thing is it has a 3 piece crank and I replaced the BB with a sealed unit and the steel crank with a first generation Sugino Maxi unit and solved all crank/BB problems. I also replaced the headset with a better one. I put high quality wheels and hubs on it. I put on a light chromoly fork. With alloy bars and wheels it is surprisingly light and rides very well, but I had issues getting it right. The chain kept breaking until I put a double step riveted job like the mountain bike single track riders use. No problem other than flats despite having Stan's sealant inside the tubes. I run 40 lbs of pressure and so far the flats have ceased. I use it mostly for gravel so 40 lbs is good. I love the bike and the frame has proved robust. It's my single speed gravel bike and I run it in local gravel events like Hiawatha's Revenge which starts in June just a few miles from my house in the Hiawatha National Forest.

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