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Mar 15, 2012
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Asbury Park, NJ
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i guess technically not a 26”but still cool?
Yeah, at that price, it's cool and a bit of a bargain. And I think it's kinda cool that it's 650 or 27.5 or whatever. Been waiting for cruisers to show up in this wheel size. Wonder where I could fit a set...
Thats definitely a bargain. The cromo snobs will take aim it though. Looks wicked in gloss black too. I contemplated painting the red menace i’m building black but saved that idea for a future build.

Looks almost identical to the RevMX.

As previously stated, the bars on the state bike look like they belong on my kids bike. I like them both!

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The issue i have with all these new cruiser/klunkers are the handlebars. Usually too small and not enough backsweep. I have a bad neck and dont like reaching for flat bars.True Torch and genuine bicycles have long horn versions of bmx bars similar to those the cook bros designed years ago.
Nice looking bike, looking at one myself. It seems new models won't be shipping for a couple of months.
Yes they are. I had to raise the seat quite a bit, and move the bars Forward Chicago style just to have enough Room in the cockpit.

The state bicycle klunker looks like a longer bike that has some Room

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You could trail ride the OM Flyer, but I just don't like the bike. I'm tall, and the bike feels too small.

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You may want to check the top tube and seat tube length before you decide.

I’m 6’2. The roomiest bike i have is the red menace which is based on a cook bros cruiser. It has a high tensile taiwanese made steel frame and cromo fork. Its longer in the front triangle than a typical Schwinn cruiser. Paul may still have a few left.

The State klunker is a more modern bike than the red menace and possibly more suited to trails but to me it looks considerably shorter and i doubt i would feel comfortable riding it.

My favourite ride is my 2012 kos kruiser. I like its frame geometry best. plenty of room up front and a short back which makes it really responsive and easy to ride. Plus its a full cromo frame. Like the klunker you need to ditch the kiddy bmx bars it comes standard with.
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