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I pulled the fenders off to cut a little off the ends. I was looking through my parts stash to find a taillight or reflector to mount up when I finished chopping. I found both. I found an old seiss headlight without any insides or lens and a inch and a half reflector that covered the opening perfectly. I cut a piece of scrap metal,drilled and tapped a hole for the reflector screw. A little jb weld and a couple pins will hold it. I will get it mounted when the fender goes back on.
Killer little piece!!
I finished up the rear fender reflector and mounted today. I also cut about 3 inches off the bottom of the fender. I used the cut off piece to trace the end and cut the point back on. I also took the bike for a spin around the neighborhood and everything went smooth. A few more details and off to picture time.
20240714_134410 (1).jpg
Beautiful build! Excellent fit, function, and styling throughout.
Love it!