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Re: "talkin smack"

yeah, fat franks are nice. But why do they have to say FAT FRANK in huge letters on the side? Kinda ruins the vintage feel.

Your bike's looking sweet though. OH wait, I mean, it looks like poop. You should quit now :wink: :lol:
Re: "talkin smack"

JoeyMac said:
yeah, fat franks are nice. But why do they have to say FAT FRANK in huge letters on the side? Kinda ruins the vintage feel.
Can I get those to say like....BIG JIM or NOT FAT BUT ROBUST JIM or HUNKA BURNING LOVE...ya know like personalized. :lol: :lol:
Re: "talkin smack"

allllllllllllllllll riggggghhhtttt hooch let's see those mad skilzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sadly due to the destruction of my person life I must pull the plug on this project
all parts and pieces will have to be sold off
message me if you are interested in any of the items
:( - sorry Hooch, hope everything gets iron'd out as easy as possible,

i know it would have been one heck of a Rat the way you wanted it !!!
Man.. sorry to hear that. I know some of us can relate to your pain. I sure feel it. Hang in there!!! Great bike and please post some finished pics.
Hope everything turns out well for you...............But the bike looks "DONE" to me!......Post the pics as a finished bike!
hooly poo hooch i hope it was not my smack talkin. that sucks buddy i aggre take pics of her how she sits
man......that stinks :cry:
hope everything works out for you and all the pieces fall into place in your life soon(man karfer guess were not the only ones with the rrbbo happenings :shock: )
hooch, i hope everything is all ok. enter the bike as finnished with pic. you did a great job on it. i don't care if its not totally finish is looks good to me. get your life back in shape. looks like alot of us are having problems but keep the faith dude life will hopefully get better for all of us. i'll pry for ya man. God Bless

Outlaw :mrgreen:
Hooch, I agree send pictures of what you have your bike is just coming out so nice.Now the crazy thing , I dont really know you other than this site but man it bothered me all day yesterday about what you wrote, Just to let you know brother your in my prayers and just keep the faith and praise him everyday as he is faithful.
Hooch said:
thanks guys ive been thu alot in my years and this is just another hurdle . I think thats why god blessed me with such long legs lol

Good attitude like that will always be your savior. Here is a favorite quote of mine. "You must keep your mind on the objective, not on the obstacle."

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