Terrible twos

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Love how this is turning into a true frankenbike. It's Alive!
Definitely getting closer. Spent around 5 hours straight on it today. I consider it a productive day. Still have some kinks to work out, some things to bolt together, paint touch ups and just some standard other bike build stuff left. Thanks for all the love from you all. You guys honestly keep my spirits up and keep me motivated.
Way cool. What color is the front section gonna be?
I like the zip tie stitches.
Going to leave it patina. It what the bike told be the first day building it. I'm going for the idea of the 2 sides of the rat world, the rusty patina and the outlandish custom paint jobs. Kinda the best of both worlds.

I dig your line of thinking man!!!! Maybe change the name to Terrible Two Face :D :D :D


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